During your visit, you can participate and experience traditional Balinese activities such as ritual offering making
and traditional cooking, gambelan and dancing classes.

Umasari Rice Terrace Villa is strategically close to many authentic Balinese venues such as Mengwi Royal Temple, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, as well as beautiful terraced rice fields and sacred temples. You can explore by trekking, cycling or by local shuttle.
Learn how to make daily ritual offerings to be presented to temples and shrines, and also try to present it, like the Balinese woman do..
Price : US$ 15.00 NET /person
Duration : 120 min
Include :
- Local teacher
- Interpreter
- Sarung and Belt
- Material and Equipment
Learn how to dance and move like the traditional Balinese dancers. Local talent of the village will warmly introduce you the basic skill, position and movement of dances before entering the
advance lesson.
Price : US$ 25.00 NET/person
Duration : 2 x 45 min
Include :
- Local teacher
- Sarung, belt and traditional fan
Stop over visit at our Puri,
to preview the unique combination of Ancient Balinese House of Royal Family of Bakungan- Mengwi Family and enjoy the “wow” special set menu set in large traditional plates and special banana leaves decorations
Price : US$ 15.00 NET/person
Duration : 120 min
Include :
- 3 course Balinese Set Menu
- Mineral water
- Fresh Fragrant Towel
- Welcoming drink
As a land where meditation is part of its daily activity, Bali is a place where health conscious find their way to explore various mental and physical health improvement program. Nevertheless, Yoga is one of the most famous and attractive activity that health conscious loves in Bali